Welcome to DayGLOW Music

Our Mission

The mission of DayGLOW Music is to incorporate percussion instruments, rhythms from around the world, dance, and vocals into a natural backdrop inspiring youth to work together with respect and appreciation for one another. Through group participation and teamwork, participants will nurture harmony and creativity.

About DayGLOW Music

The spirit and creativity that has been Daniel’s constant since childhood, combined with years of amassed knowledge and his inherent passion for music, have brought DayGLOW Music to fruition and rendered this incredible concept a part of his reality. Nestled in the picturesque community of Fayetteville, GA, DayGLOW will serve as the basis of a development and training center incorporating music, specifically percussion instruments, as the main tools in an innovative youth music education and development facility.

As awareness of DayGLOW grows, more and more people and companies are taking notice and becoming active participants in bringing this educational facility to life. One of the first to take an interest was Caterpillar, a household name as an industry leader in building and construction equipment that has been instrumental in clearing the way (literally) for what will serve as the pathways to a variety of musical experiences for DayGLOW participants as they relate to both rhythm and instruments as well as a deeper understanding of the culture from which they originate.

How You Can Help

Daniel’s DayGLOW Music programs will initially focus on small groups of 6 to 10 high school-aged youths from the south metro Atlanta area with defined musical interests and ability. The ultimate goal will be to grow the center to incorporate larger groups of different ages and abilities.

In addition to funding the core curricula, there is still a fair amount of work to be done in readying the land for DayGLOW’s first group of students. From the installation of the sound equipment to the preparation of the tranquil landscape, a tremendous amount of sweat (and some tears) has and will continue to be put forth in bringing this to fruition.

The kindness of our supporters will be essential as the project nears completion and beyond.  Please stay tuned for additional information on how you can help, whether by way of your generous donations or as physical volunteers.

If you wish to make a donation today, please do so, here!



10 thoughts on “Welcome to DayGLOW Music

    • Thank you for your kind words and confidence in our project. We are making tremendous headway and know in our hearts that we are creating something truly wonderful. Words cannot express our appreciation for your support!

    • Thank you, David. With the right amount of support, there is no doubt that we will be able to one day bring DayGLOW to Arizona! Please spread the word and encourage those around you to help us meet our goals. Many blessings to you and yours!

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